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About US Introduction

Description of Group

The 4th Division HO Moduler Group is part of the National Model Railroad Association, Pacific Northwest Division, 4th Division, but we call ourselves the 4D HO for short.
We are a bunch of HO model train enthusiasts. The private indivudals own about fifty modules total. At least ten of our member's modules have earned a golden spike award. These modules range from mountains to yards, stations to industries, prototypical to freelanced. The group owns eight corners, a bridge, a wye, and staging yards. We run anything from the modern era, including diesel and "juice-jacks," to the steam era.  DCC-equipped locomotives and properly weighted rolling stock equipped with metal wheels and knuckle couplers are standard.  

Modular Concept:

A module is a portable section of table type structure which is but one part of a large group of like modules which when all assembled together form a large and fully operating model railroad. Modules are built by individuals as part of a home layout or specifically for use interfacing with others in a large setup. In general a local group of modules are built to a set of standards that allow each unit to interface physically and electrically with other modules.  Our SIG uses the NMRA module standards (and recommended practices) so we can connect to similar modules anywhere in the overall system. A module may be a single module or a set of modules which must be capable of interface at each end but may deviate between these ends so long as the type of operation is not compromised or restricted. By being portable, they may be disassembled for storage and transporting to conventions or public displays.

 Click here for more details about how the modular program developed.

Click here for a historical time line of major milestones (timeline).

Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote individual enjoyment and fellowship, to improve modeling skills, and to increase participation through building, operating, and displaying HO scale modular railroads.

Designed by Norm Curtis 2011, 4d HO Modular SIG