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New members: (New Category)

Interesting Websites: 

Click here for a description of an engine servicing facility, fr Donn Y

NEW! Click here for a paper on early HO freight trucks, fr Donn Y

Recent events:

HO Modular chairman: 

Norm has stepped down after 19 years.  Pete Gulick has been apointed by the EC board and approved by the BOD.  

New:  EC Election and makeup:

We are currently in the mids of a seasonal revision.  Every year, 2 of the members are replaced by election of the active membership.

Seasonal tuneup:

Please check the following to make sure that you are up to date: Make sure that you:
1.  Use rebuilt UTP panels in your modules (The rebuilt ones have notches in the RJ12 sockets)
2.  Have 3rd generation cab bus installed. (Made of Cat V cable and Anderson Power Pole connectors)
3.  Check each of the female Molex sockets.  (The tubular sockets may have widened)
4.  Replace all joiners on all jumber tracks (both the soldered ones and the loose ones)


4th Division Modular Group

Prices: (as of 10/13/2012)
$24.00 for XS & XL
$26.00 for 2X
$29.50 for 3x
Priced reduced if 12 or more are ordered
Prices subject to change

Only prepaid accepted
Order through Ross Tabor
Make check out to Ross Tabor

New feature: SP&E YouTube

Nick has set up a YouTube page for us.  So far he has posted many videos on there for you to view.  Check out site, you might see some of your trains or modules there. Click here for the HO Modular Group's YouTube site.

Free items for our members:

To maintain a commonality among the modules, we provide various items and encourage members to use them exclulsively.
  Sky paint,
  Ballast (fine gray), or if you prefer you can buy Woodland Scenics B1375
  Black latex paint, semigloss
  Velcro (to attach skirts to Plexiglas) (Velcro to mount Plexiglas, $2.00/ 4' mod)
  Bumblebee wire, from Allan

Skirts (provided at each show)

Items Available to members at our Cost:

Some items are essential, but difficult to purchase in the small quantities needed, like colored wires.  Others are much less expensive if purchased in bulk.  Some need to be accurately assembled.  Therefore the following items are made available at our cost.

PS&E Logo patches are now available @ $2.00. See Norm
Track Bus wire sets with 4 14 gage Molex plugs $4.00
12 volt bus sets with connectors, $4.00
3rd Generation Cab Bus $5.00
Molex plug and socket set $2.00 (No wires) Available
Metal wheels, Price tod 33 inch

NEW LEGS: The most recent legs are stand-up adjustable.   Click here for details.  [Note: since making these top adjusting brackets and legs available, the original style are now available @ $16/set of 4.]
New legbblockTop adj legs

Velcro for attaching Plexiglas to modules (16') $7.00 [Note: Velcro to attach skirts is free]

These items are sometimes available from members who buy them in bulk:

Dream-Plan-Build DVD Series; Rent  @ $2.00/Month -Bob B
Utp panel - Bob B
MDO Playwood for backboards about $7.00--$10 (actual cost) - Norm
New item: Terminal strips, 8 screw (great for hooking up switch machines) $2.58e Norm C
New item: Anderson Power Pole connectors: $4/module (8 colored sockets + inserts)Norm C
New item: Metal leg brackets, like the original, $16.00 per set, Rob

Designed by Norm Curtis 2011, 4d HO Modular SIG