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TCS, Macro, & Switchit Numbers assigned 

(Rev 7/13)


Name     Macro #
Ross T    10-19
Mike S    200-209
4D          225 - 260 Turntable

Switchits, switch 8s, Accessory DEcoders

Name      Decoder #
Unassigned   5-99
Ross T     100-199
Mike S      210-250
4th Div     300-399

*TCS Series numbers assigned, 4/7/2010

*TCS = Train control systems, former NMRANet PB = Pushbuttons, LED = LED, Tort = Tortoises, Events = Ev
[PBs are unique to each producer hence can be used only once in each layout.  Event numbers and Consumers numbers can be reused by different nodes.  PB numbers should be the same as their respective event numbers]

4th Div   PB 100 series, Signals assigned as they are assembled
Bob       PB  200 series
Brian     PB  300 series

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Designed by Norm Curtis 2011, 4d HO Modular SIG