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retail parts numbers

On these pages you will find the retail parts number for items that you want to match with us. Having the part number enables you to find the source (search Google) as well as be confident that you have the exact same thing.


Woodland Scenics, Fine Ballast Gray, B1375
Woodland Scenics, Fine Ballast Cinders B1376


Black - We supply or you can use any Semi Gloss Latex (Flat doesn't work well)
Sky blue - Use only the paint that we supply for good matching
PS&E Freight green - Polyscale 414287 Vermont Green

8 pin edge card Slide on CONNECTOR for on Tortoise machines

Part # EDAC 306-008-500-102  (this number was given to me by Didrik Voss)
Source unknown

8 Pin Binding Post strips

Good for connecting up tortoise via 8 wire strips and provides screw terminal for attaching wires to tortoises

Part # Mouser 534-4194


Plugs 03-09-2041  $0.17 each
Receptacles 03-09-1041 $0.13 each
Female terminal pins 02-09-1119 $0.043 each
Male terminal pins 02-09-2118 $0.045 each
Supplier: Arrow part numbers shown

PUSHBUTTONS like on the control panels

Switch 679-2208-ND  $2.19 each
Betzel  679-2190-ND  $0.51 each
Red Button 679-2045-ND  $0.46 each
Supplier: Digi Key part numbers shown

Designed by Norm Curtis 2011, 4d HO Modular SIG